Permanent Makeup

Disclaimer: All prices are starting prices. If your service requires more time, attention, and detail, we’ll inform you of that increase

Consultation appointment is required before service appointment

​​Powder Brows

Powder Brow is a method of eyebrow tattooing which adopts the shading / powdering method with ultra-fine needles. The tail and mid-body sections are fully saturated, and having a gradient effect to lighter saturation at the front ends. The result is soft and powdery, mimicking the appearance of traditional brow makeup made to have a long-lasting effect. Must have a consultation before booking this servcie & requires 50% non-refundable deposit to book service. Includes aftercare and retouch.

Beautiful brows that are expertly mapped out and applied for that “perfect” brow look everyday!

Consultation ---------------- $30

Brows start at ---------------- $400

Brow Retouch

Enhance your cosmetic tattoo with a brow retouch. This service should be done once every 1-2 years to keep your cosmetic tattoo looking its best! This service can not be performed on cosmetic brow tattoo services that have not been done here before. Pricing varies depending on how faded your tattoo is.

Starts at ---------------- $100